WASHMAN Committee and its functioning

Gramalaya has been involving the Community Based Organisations (CBOs) for implementing and monitoring of its all projects at both urban and rural areas. One of such CBO is called as WASHMAN Committee. 

WASHMAN is an acronym of Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Menstrual Hygiene Management and Nutrition.

This committee consists of both Men and Women with a maximum no., 20 members.  They are allowed for the monthly savings and internal lending among themselves.  In this committees, the members who are volunteers of the project and selected by Gramalaya to extend their service for development of their village / slum by implementing WASHMAN approach.

These volunteers are nurtured by providing regular training and capacity building, Exposure visit to the role model villages, and handholding support at the field by Gramalaya.  These committees should ensure the sustainability and long lasting the Behavioral Change Communication ( BCC)  among the  community members.

Objectives of the WASHMAN Committee

  • To sustain the project goal by involving the community members through proper Behavior Change Communication.
  • To closely work with Government Departments, Elected PRIs members, Villagers, and other Civil Society Organization.
  • To monitor and facilitate the project deliverables even after closure of the project
  • To increase the Health of Women and Adolescent’s Girls by promoting Re-usable cloth pads.
  • To ensure the protection of environment by proper usage of Re-usable cloth pads.
  • To declare the role model villages/ slums where 100% of the families who are using the Toilets / 100% of the women who are using re-usable cloth pads.

Who are the members in the WASHMAN Committee

  • Self Help Group Members
  • SHGs Federation
  • VPRC members / Staff
  • Sanitation Messengers
  • Village Health Nurse
  • School Teachers
  • OHT operators
  • Anganwadi workers
  • Youth club members
  • Other NGOs staff / volunteers
  • Influencers in the community
  • Leadership quality persons
  • Those who have knows the scheme of Government

Activities of WASHMAN Committee

  1. Executing and monitoring the project activities in association with Gramalaya and with the collaboration of PRIs, Government Departments and others.
  2. Monitoring the functioning of IHHLs/ Community Toilets/ IWSCs/ School Toilets constructed / renovated with the support of Gramalaya in a sustainable manner.
  3. Ensuring proper O&M of Water sources (OHT / Hand pump/ Street Tap) at the village level to ensure Water quality for the community members.
  4. Declaring the villages / slum areas as Open Defecation Free ( ODF) and Role model villages
  5. Ensuring 100% of the usage of the sanitation facilities & 100% Reusable cloth pads using villages / slums.
  6. Increasing the hygiene behaviors of the students of school and anganwadis
  7. Creating awareness on MHM and Nutrition
  8. Organizing Special Events such as MHM Day / World Water Day / Global Hand washing Day etc.,
  9. Providing technical support for construction of Smart Toilets, extending monitoring of construction / implementation of construction process
  10. Having close rapport with the PRIs, Corporations, Government dept., for the successful implementation of the project.