Household toilets promotion

Household toilets promotion with Oracle CSR support

Gramalaya in association with Oracle and CAF India has been implementing Sustainable Sanitation for the rural poor of Puducherry for the past 3 years.

Gramalaya has been focusing on WASHMAN concept – Water, Sanitation,  Personal Hygiene, Menstrual Hygiene Management and Nutrition from this financial year. ( 2019-20)  Gramalaya is currently forming innovative  Community Based Organisations – CBOs in the name of WASHMAN committees instead of AWASH Committee – Association for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene  for effective implementation of project and sustainability of the project.

15,000 Re-usable cloth pads were distributed to the 15,000 adoloscent girls at the schools of Puducherry.100 IHHLs – Individual Household Latrines were renovated. 15,000 – Students were oriented on WASHMAN concept

Previously Oracle project which is being implemented in the Puducherry Union Territory, a kind of CSR project, through Charities Aid Foundation-CAF-India, project called Providing Twin Leach Pits Toilets to the Felt needy communities at the Villages of Suthukeni,Manadipattu Komune and Thondamanatham,VilliyanoorKomune. To ensure accessible and sustainable sanitation facilities for 200 families in selected villages of Pudhucherry, and Project duration is between 1st April 2016 and31st March 2017 .

As far as Software component is concerned, Gramalaya provides it’s Value-added core activity is called Health and Hygiene education to the communities through AWASH committees, which is a Village structure, comprised by the men and women group of 20 members, sharing such responsibility of imparting the awareness and usage of Toilets with sustainability among the communities as peer educators. In connection with Hardware component, Gramalaya has internationally, accepted a Toilet attached Bathroom Technology, which is coined as Twin Leach Pits Toilet with core ideology of Economy utility of money and space, besides, dumped faeces would be recycled for farm manure adaptation. Thus, both Soft & Hardware components are Dual Motto Move of the Sanitation projects of the Gramalaya, same is being diligently, focused and implemented for the benefit of the communities’ well being, both Health and society respect by the way of staunching the Sanitation Rights towards Reaching to the unreached.

The Message of the Oracle project size, quantitatively, may be tiny, but is a so, mammoth Message to the entire Puducherry Union Territory to how the economised toilets are to be used with sustainable solutions to declare ODF-Open Defecation Free Union Territory, as Healthy UT and Wealthy Community aligning with The Honourable Prime Minister’s SBM Swachh Bharat Mission . Sure, Gramalaya-Oracle project will pave a roadmap to beurocratic settings to kick start the campaign moments in the UT. The Message and Success of the Project in the said Villages, Health Efficiency And Sanitation Hygiene Efficiency (HE and SHE) through AWASH assured and correlated with Gramalaya’s Exit policy.


Another Top-Notch vision of the Gramalaya is to empowering the Women in Sanitation Rights, Yes! that is happened in the Project Villages by the way of Key Persons(Office Bearers) are meant for Women in the both AWASH committees, to exhibit their bench mark height to the nearby villages, and even to the Union Territory of the Puducherry

As a Monitoring agency CAF, has visited and assessed the project Metrics, The Team of CAF- Charities Aid Foundation, New Delhi, is a Monitoring Agency of the Oracle-CSR project, whose Visit was performed at Suthukeni Village, observed that :

Project Key outcome is rolled and connected with Awareness building in two tribal villages of Puducherry about good hygiene practices, the benefits of sanitation, and the risks of open defecation. Grant from Oracle is through constructing 200 toilets,Create Sanitation Committees, Support in-person visits from health educators and Broadcast a video about the risks open defecation.

Documented statement of the CAF “Implementation of activities are very good”. The best part of this project is : Gramalaya forms community based institution in village in the form of AWASH committee, facilitate them to open a bank account and then transfer funds to the AWASH committee account and train AWASH committee on management of funds for the construction of toilets and facilitation of handing over of toilets to the community members. selection of community members who would receive these toilets is also one of the key task of AWSH committee. Another good part of this project is that total cost of the construction of toilet is INR 26000; out of which INR 23000 is through the project and INR 3000 is community contribution in the form of labour and some resources.

During the CAF assessments following Beneficiaries’ voices were recorded at their books and propounded:

The Girl Children Family Happy and Safe mode Toileting with Privacy, Proven Respect of the Family, Team –CAF had interacted with beneficiary to obtain such reality “show-turn” of the family, whose expression was chiefly notified to the Gramalaya and how Oracle programme was successful with Community Participation.

A Girl who studied B.Sc Nursing, without any stamp of the educated girl, she was defecating at the Open Place with el a lot of problems with Self-Moaning for the past 10 years, after her puberty, Now she with not only happy mode and mood, but also spread her Peer Education to the villagers for Sustainability, she is one of the AWASH member, great Outcome of the project….